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Motherboard is an 11-book cyberpunk mini-series, each told from a different character's perspective.

Set in the not-so-distant future, Earth is barely hanging on. People live under steel and glass domes to protect themselves from extreme weather, toxic air, and high levels of radiation.

Despite this, humanity is thriving. It has Motherboard, a central computer able to provide it with everything it needs to survive the malignant environment.

But all that changes when an unexplainable slime is discovered oozing from the depths of the ocean, and people mysteriously start to die.

Is it too late for humankind? Has the planet finally had enough?

The answers are hidden somewhere in the Motherboard.

BOOK: 00

In real life, Fin is a nobody. She isn't registered, lives off-grid, and none of her information is listed in any database.

But in the Motherboard, she is a renowned programming prodigy, recently recruited by a mysterious hacktivist initiative that calls themselves Electron.

While on assignment, hidden away in the basement of an off-season luxury hotel (with a high-speed Motherboard connection), she stumbles upon the backdoor to a hidden VR network called The Library—and the die-hard hacker in her can't let it go unexplored.

Can she gain unauthorized access and uncover classified data for Electron? Or is it all a trap?

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