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No one thought human beings would be forced to farm their own in order to survive nuclear war. But in 2030, the CIA set out to do just that.

For 60 years, this genetically perfect race has been immune to all disease...until one day, a plague rips through their community, and suddenly they are not.

Desperate to protect their elite, the government will stop at nothing to find a cure.

But they didn’t count on Winnie, a seemingly common teenage girl, who isn’t very common at all: she’s telepathic, extremely fast, and incredibly strong.

They arrested Winnie. They arrested Winnie’s mother. Now she is determined to stop the government and liberate her people. Even if it means losing everything she loves.



Against all odds, Winnie managed to escape San Francisco…but now she is being tracked, stalked by Mutants that roam the Wasteland.

Once human, exposure to radiation has rendered them more beast than man. But it has also made them incredibly strong and shockingly fast, putting Winnie’s own supernatural abilities to the test.

If that weren’t enough, the people she cares about the most are missing. The Council continues to hunt them down and will stop at nothing until they are destroyed.

Will Winnie and her allies make it to Kansas City? If they do, will it be anything like they imagined?

In The Mutated, Lisa Caskey’s second novel in The Farmed trilogy, the story of Winifred Kimball continues.



Winifred Kimball was happy living in Kansas City…until the Council killed her best friend and kidnapped the only father she’s ever known.

Now, the girl with superstrength and lightning speed is determined to return to San Francisco and make the government pay for what they’ve done.

But the Council has other plans. Armed with secret weapons of their own, they are set out to destroy Winnie, and The Enterprise, for good.

Winnie’s own telepathic abilities continue to grow stronger every day, but will it be enough to save the lives of those she loves and the freedom of those she fights for?

In The Cured, Lisa Caskey’s final novel in The Farmed trilogy, Winnie’s journey comes to a shocking end.

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