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May 24, 2016


The Death of a Galaxy: 

If it’s possible to watch a galaxy die, the Hubble Space Telescope has done just that. In recent images of a lenticular galaxy in Ursa Major, 100 million light years away, we can see that the galaxy has lost most of its gas and dust, meaning no new star formation is happening.


European Researchers Search for Extraterrestrial Life: 

For the past five years, astronomers in the EU have been working on the EU WAVELENGTH STANDARDS project to find more habitable planets outside our solar system.


Solar Flares a Good Thing? 

Based on observations of young “Sun-like” stars, astronomers theorize that solar flares, four billion years ago, helped shape the Earth, and the life forms on it, as we know it today.


Earth's Core is 2.5 Years Younger than its Surface...
No, Really.

Einstein was a clever one. Based on theory of relativity, the Earth, and its gravitational pull, are big enough to warp the “fabric of spacetime.” Thus, time moves more slowly at the center of the Earth than it does on the surface.


Controlling Climate Change with Lasers: 

Scientists may be able to alleviate climate control by using lasers to break down water crystals found in cirrus clouds, reflecting the sun’s light back  into space, as opposed to down on Earth.


Mars in Opposition, On Repeat: 

In case you missed it Sunday night, OR you’re like me and just want to watch it over and over again, Slooh has recorded their observation of Mars in Opposition and it is breathtaking!


The People Have Spoken and They Want Mars

Red Planet advocates and the author of “The Martian” flooded Capitol Hill to convince Congress to fund NASA missions to Mars.


Mars’ Mysterious Plumes: 

Scientists are baffled by the Red Planet’s most recent plume, a display of an increased amount of plasma escaping into the atmosphere. A plume of this size hasn’t been seen since 1997.



Sources: Wired, Science News,


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