Sci-Fi is So Hot Right Now – 3 Tips to Improve Your Sci-Fi Immersion

April 4, 2016


Like so many others before you, you’ve caught the Sci-Fi bug…As a long time lover of the genre, all I can say is, “It’s about time!” Sci-Fi rocks, but given its geeky undertones, the idea of immersing yourself in the culture can seem a bit daunting. Where to start?


First of all, for the latest relevant science and technology news, newest Sci-Fi book and film releases, and Sci-Fi TV premieres, you can ALWAYS visit my website – I publish a Weekly Round-Up where I summarize this information and provide links to full articles for anyone wanting to read more. The weekly post is a one-stop-shop for all your Sci-Fi needs.


But if you’re someone who likes to take the bull by the horns and really want to invest your time into full Sci-Fi saturation, here are some tips to get you started!



Subscribing to the right websites is crucial and must be your first step. In order to really immerse yourself in the wonderful world that is Sci-Fi, you must stay up-to-date with relevant scientific and technological news.


In my opinion, these are the best news sites:


Science News

Science News is a magazine (and website) hosted by The Society for Science and the Public (SSP). The organization has been around since 1921 with the sole purpose of promoting science.



Wired is a leading technology magazine, focusing on business, culture, design, gear, science, security, and transportation. It’s the industry go-to for the latest news in tech. is the internet go-to for all things outer space. It features the latest news on NASA, cosmology, space missions, new planetary and stellar findings, and major events.



Next up, you’ve got to read and watch the newest Sci-Fi books, films, and TV shows, of course!  I personally try to ONLY focus my spare time on books, films, and TV shows in the genre. Sometimes I’ll make an exception and engage with something critically acclaimed OR recommended by friends, but honestly, it’s rare. I just love Sci-Fi so much that I don’t feel there’s a need to spend my time being entertained by much else!


For pre-existing books, films, and TV shows, the search functions on your favorite distribution websites or interfaces work very well. I’m a Kindle user, so when searching for new books to read, I simply sort by genre on the Amazon website. I do the same for Netflix, which has an amazing selection.


New releases and premieres are a little harder to find…but have no fear! I’m here to help!


Because I’m a writer, I always look for new book releases first. It’s no secret that eBook sales dominate the literary commerce space these days, and that’s due in large part to Independent Authors. Indie Author News is a fantastic site, dedicated to the promotion of Indies. The Independent Author Network is another site devoted to Indie Author Nation. Both sites list new releases, as well as a catalog of previously released works.


Regardless of the Independent Author movement, the Big 5 Publishers are still very relevant. Each of these sites allows you to sort by new releases:




Penguin Random House

Simon and Schuster

Hachette Book Group


You can also search Amazon for new eBook releases. That URL can be found here.


New Sci-Fi film releases are a little easier to find. You can check Fandango and/or other movie ticketing services OR, you can visit IMDB (International Movie Database).


TV premieres are also easy to spot…the only catch is that they only occur a couple of times a year. TV Guide is a great place to look, when the season is right. Also, with Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu now getting involved in the TV production arena, I occasionally check their sites for information about their new series.



Considered the first “fan conventions,” Sci-Fi conventions focus on all things Sci-Fi! From books, to comics, to movies, TV shows, and video games, attending a Sci-Fi convention is the third, and final step to total Sci-Fi domination.  Here are a few of the big ones:


Comic-Con International

If you claim to be a Sci-Fi fan and you haven’t heard of Comic-Con, well, you must be living under a rock. This is the biggest, most popular, Sci-Fi convention EVER. It started off as a one-day event in 1970 with approximately 300 attendees. Now the show spans 4 days and attracts over 130K attendees. This show books out FAR IN ADVANCE so if you’re interested, keep your eyes and ears peeled for registration info.



The World Science Fiction Society began hosting Worldcon in 1939. It is held in a different city every year and not always in North America. It is primarily a literary convention, but also focuses on Art and most recently, gaming. The WSFS is also responsible for the Hugo Awards and names the recipients each year at Worldcon.


Dragon Con

Hosted every Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, Dragon Con began in 1987 and quickly became a very poplar, highly sought-out event. It started off as a comic convention, but has since morphed into an event featuring music, costumes, and revelry.


There are so many more conventions I’m not including…a full list can be found here.


Well I think that settles it! If you follow these three tips, you should be drenched with Sci-Fi goodness in no time.


Have any Sci-Fi immersion tips of your own? Please share them! I’m ALWAYS looking for ways to diversify and expand. Till then, happy Sci-Fi hunting!

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