I have five (and counting), self-guided tours published with VoiceMap! Check them out below!


What is a self-guided tour, you ask? Well, it's like a guided tour, but without the guide. VoiceMap has developed some really cool tech that allows listeners use their smartphones instead! You simply download the app, select the tour of your choice (they are organized by city), and as soon as you arrive at the tour's starting point, press play!


Oh! And the app uses GPS triggered tech that allows you to download tours and then listen offline.
Like I said, this app is awesome.


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Picture of Alien at Venice Beach
Venice Beach is known for its quirky, unique culture, making it a must-see for locals and travelers alike. On this fictional tour, you will get to explore the Venice Canals, get a firsthand look of the Venice Sign, and observe the eccentric "aliens" of the Venice Beach Boardwalk, including Muscle Beach.
New Orleans Bourbon Street
Explore the French Quarter on a fictional audio walk starting in the heart of it all, right next to Jackson Square. Admire the French and Spanish influenced architecture while you immerse yourself in the world of Delphine Duval, as a tale of murder, voodoo and revenge unfolds.
Downtown Tucson and the Hotel Cogress
This self-guided fictional tour walks you through 1934, downtown Tucson. You will start at Hotel Congress, moments after notorious gangster, John Dillinger escapes the deadly fire within. His gang now dispersed throughout the small western city, John is forced to contemplates his choices... especially those regarding Evelyn Frechette, his terrifying lover.
New York City's Lower East Side neighborhood is full of old tenement buildings... and many people think some of them are haunted! On this fictional tour, our lead character Robbie has just seen a ghost. Follow him to learn about the spirit and neighborhood that haunts him...
Before winning the World Series in 2016, it was believed that the Chicago Cubs were cursed. Starting and ending at Wrigley Field itself, find out more about that curse on this fictional tour of Chicago's Wrigleyville and Boystown neighborhoods.
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writer | author | sci-fi storyteller
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